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Aces Award For Excellence Winner

19th Nov 2017 Download Now

The 2017 ACES Award for Excellence in Property Management has been won by the City and County of Swansea.


The Award was presented to Rebecca Jones representing the Corporate Property Facilities Team at Swansea by the 2017/18 ACES President, Neil McManus, at the ACES Annual Meeting held at the City Hall, Cardiff (see picture). The Highly Commended entry was by Essex County Council and a Certificate was presented to Gwyn Owen on behalf of the Essex Housing Team.


Neil McManus, the 2017/18 ACES President said:


“The ACES Award for Excellence showcases the good practice, innovation and excellent delivery of service by our members of a vast array of public sector projects and initiatives.


This year we received a record 14 entries from around the country, all of which demonstrated the wide ranging and excellent projects managed by our members.


This year’s ACES Award for Excellence winner was the City and County of Swansea for delivering an innovative project as an integral part of the office asset management programme which included the implementation of agile working that has added significant economic, environmental & social benefits.


The judges also recognised as Highly Commended, the Essex Housing Team of Essex County Council for a successful integration of several public sector partners in achieving key housing delivery targets."


Aces President 2017/18

18th Nov 2017 Download Now

Neil McManus becomes the new President of ACES

At the ACES AGM held at City Hall, Cardiff on Friday 17th November 2017, Neil McManus of Suffolk County Council became the 2017/18 President of ACES. Very best wishes to Neil for a successful year ahead.

Aces Member Appointed As Chief Executive Of Lancashire Council

25th May 2017

ACES member Heather McManus has been appointed to be the next Chief Executive Officer of South Ribble Borough Council, Lancashire.

South Ribble Borough Council has appointed a new Chief Executive who will take up the position this summer. Heather McManus will take over from interim chief executive Jean Hunter.

As former deputy chief executive at Lancaster City Council, Heather McManus has overseen budgets of £100million while leading a team of more than 1,200 people delivering significant change programmes. She has also been involved in the development of the Lancashire Economic Partnership and is currently employed as interim consultant at Enfield Council in London.

Heather was the ACES President in 2012 and sits on the ACES Council.

The current ACES President, Daniella Barrow, said "On behalf of ACES I congratulate our colleague and former ACES President Heather McManus on becoming the Chief Executive of South Ribble Borough Council in Lancashire. Heather we wish you all the very best in your new role and wish you much success."


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Free Training On Managing Local Authority Heritage Assets

12th May 2017

Historic England is developing and delivering a new training course in 2017/18 with partners NPS. Members may already be aware that NPS have written the soon to be published guidance for Historic England on Local Authority Assets(see Terrier - Spring 2017 article), and to promote and disseminate this guidance they are running a number of training events in England this year.

The course details are as follows:

The course is aimed at Asset Managers, Estate Surveyors, Facilities Managers, Planners and anyone engaged with the maintenance and management of Listed Buildings in Local Authority ownership. 

Calling on a range of expert speakers from the Property and Heritage sectors, the course is designed to introduce managers to the variety of historic buildings and sites, the existing tools for good practice and how to achieve benefits from the historic estate. 
Learning outcomes:
•    Understanding the range of heritage assets and signposting where to go for further information on these.
•    Understanding of a framework of ‘best practice’ in managing heritage assets and how heritage can be integrated into asset management plans (AMPs).
•    An understanding of options for ‘action’ for heritage buildings including understanding of the conservation and maintenance aspects of heritage buildings, continuing use, alternative use.
•    An understanding of options for ‘disposal’ for heritage buildings including understanding sale and transfer of day-to-day management and other partnerships, recipients, and the steps taken to safeguard the heritage interest after transfer.
•    Tools for management and recording.

There will be 6 courses run on the following dates:

29/06/2017         West Midlands
27/09/2017         North West
06/12/2017         London 
18/01/2018         East Midlands
21/03/2018         North East
                                East of England (date TBC)

Bookings are open for all of the confirmed dates via the Historic England website: 

This course will be of particular relevance to members. 

If you would like any further information please contact  

Hannah Saxton

Assistant Inspector of Ancient Monuments (Yorkshire), Planning Group, 

Direct dial: 01904 601984      Mobile: 07770 968863

The Terrier 2017 Spring Edition Now Available.

14th Apr 2017

The latest copy of the ACES magazine, The Terrier 2017 Spring Edition, is now available on the website publications page for members.

60 Not Out - A Compilation Of All The Suffolk Scribblers Articles

12th Apr 2017 Download Now

60 Not Out - publication of all the Suffolk Scribblers articles

Following the publication of 60 pieces by the Suffolk Scribbler in the ACES Terrier magazine (totalling over 105,000 words), a project to combine all the published Suffolk Scribblers in a commemorative booklet has been completed.

The project was proposed jointly by William Marshall (a humble nobody from Suffolk) and the current Editor of The Terrier, Betty Albon. The ACES Eastern Branch has provided generous funding to help pay for the professionally produced pdf document.

The ACES President, Daniella Barrow, said "that she is delighted that these delightful and keenly read articles are now all together for all to re-read and enjoy".