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Affordable Housing Valuations - Impact of COVID-19 Crisis

04th May 2020

A joint statement has been prepared by JLL and Savills to consider and explain the impact of the COVID-19 crisis on valuations of affordable housing stock.

We are grateful to Savills and JLL for the opportunity to share their document on the Impact of COVID 19 on Affordable Housing Valuations.

Although predominantly aimed at the RP world and particularly their loan security requirements, there may well be many of you who will be involved in a variety of instructions which require an EUV-SH valuation other than for financial statements who might find it helpful.

Alternatively the issues which are raised will be common to all residential valuers at this time. 


View here

RICS UK Commercial Property Market Survey Q1 2020

30th Apr 2020

Click HERE for the latest report.

Emergency development by a local authority or health service body- New Permitted Development right

09th Apr 2020

This extract from an email from NHS England and NHS Improvement will be of importance to a number of members at this time

The NHS and Local Authorities have been granted a new permitted development right in relation to the coronavirus emergency which allows development required to deal with the emergency to be carried out subject to specified conditions.

The regulations can be viewed here:

The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) (Coronavirus) (England) (Amendment) Order 2020 No. 412 has been published to

In summary, the regulations provide a new time limited emergency permitted development right. It comes into force at 10am on 9 April 2020 and expires on the 31 December 2020.

The right supports health service bodies and local authorities’ immediate response to coronavirus.  The right is wide ranging, allowing for development by or on behalf of a local authority or health authority body for the purposes of preventing an emergency; reducing, controlling or mitigating the effects of an emergency; and taking other action in connection with an emergency. The right enables development including, but not limited to, change of use for existing buildings and new temporary modular buildings. The right could be suitable to provide permission for a range of uses including use as hospitals, health facilities, testing centres, coroner facilities, mortuaries, additional residential accommodation and storage and distribution, including for community food hubs. There is no planning application process, and health service bodies and local authorities who are not the planning authority are required only to notify the local planning authority of the use of the development on a site as soon as practicable after commencing development.  We expect this will be by e-mail or in writing.

A development will not be permitted under the regulations if it does not comply with the specified conditions relating to:

  • Height of the new building and distance to the boundary of the land;
  • Height of the new building in relation to the height of existing buildings;
  • Height of the new building and proximity to the boundary of the curtilage of a dwellinghouse;
  • Height of the highest part of the roof of an extended/altered building in relation to the boundary of the building;
  • Height of the highest part of the roof of the altered building in relation to the height of the roof of the part of the building that is altered;
  • As to moveable structures, works, plant and machinery proximity to the boundary of a dwellinghouse or boundary of the land
  • Specified types of land ie,  military explosive storage area, sites of special scientific interest and land or buildings that are or contain a scheduled monument.

It is important to engage with the local authority’s planning team particularly in relation to the location of VIE tanks and other such structures to ensure compliance with the regulations.

This order allows for the fast track of the process but relevant guidance from local authorities should be followed, especially on heritage assets.


A Message from the President

01st Apr 2020

Below is the message sent to all ACES members by the President, Peter Gregory, is response to the extraordinary circumstances arising from the coronavirus outbreak.


Dear ACES Member

I hope that each of you and yours are good in health and spirits.


When I gave my address at last November’s AGM in Glasgow and touched on some of the challenges that we face as an organisation, I did not have in mind a global pandemic – if you would like me to do a Lord Carrington and resign due to lack of foresight, please let me know!


As an organisation we place a high value, and quite rightly, on personal face to face contact and events that allow us to network and get to know each other well. There will be a time, sooner or later, when we will be able to resume our activities. In the meantime, though, the current difficulties provide us with opportunities to develop and strengthen as an organisation and I would like us all to explore how we can turn the current crisis into real benefit.


One of our key objectives for this year is the improvement of our internal and external communication. This is planned on the back of our refreshed website. With so many of us now logging on to virtual meetings, including ACES’ meetings, through the likes of Skype, Zoom and MS Teams, we will inevitably increase our expertise and confidence in the use of this technology, to the extent that it becomes the new normal. I don’t wish to contemplate an ACES future without the face to face stuff, but at branch and national level we ought to be looking to see how the virtual can complement the actual, making our communication with each other and the outside world not only more intense but also clearer.


London Branch has trialled MS Teams for their branch meeting last week and Chris Rhodes intends to share his feedback from his experience on the Forum.


With my opportunities for an in-person visit to your branch meetings brought to an abrupt halt, I would still like to show my face through your virtual get-togethers, if possible, so please keep me informed as to what you are up to and I will join you if I can.


In recent times, it would be fair to say that the Forum has not always been the dynamic tool that it could be. The new website will improve this facility, but even before it comes on line, I would challenge you to demonstrate the value of the ACES network by not only asking questions and seeking support, but also by proactively sharing best practice – what particular problems and challenges have you faced and overcome, and how? What new ways of working have you introduced? – anything you think might be of help to other members.


In tough times and new challenges we all need support. I am sure that many of you, like me, are extremely busy juggling business continuity issues and contemplating scenarios we never envisaged in a lifetime. Just the task of keeping our teams motivated and focused could be a full time job in itself. Nevertheless, my invitation to everyone is to let the ACES family take at least some of the strain. It might just be that the busier and the more pressured we are the more we should talk with each other, not less. 


Please note, though, that in as many ways as possible it remains business as usual. The Secretary is open for business as normal, the Editor is busy pulling together the next edition of Terrier and it is proposed to hold April’s Council meeting on-line.


Above all, stay safe and well.


With my very best wishes


Peter Gregory M

President of ACES


LionHeart seeking new Trustees

16th Feb 2020

LionHeart is currently recruiting for new trustees again. The closing date for applications is the end of March

Do you want to get involved in strategic leadership? Do you have the skills & experience to help make a difference to a charity that’s making an impact? LionHeart, the charity for RICS professionals, is looking for new trustees to join its board and help shape future services.

To find out more about the role, please visit:



Save the date - 13th March 2020

29th Jan 2020

Eastern Branch - 1st CPD event of 2020 to be held at Guildhall, Cambridge.

Save the date – hopefully you have all added 13th March 2020 to your diaries already. 

I will soon be sending the Eventbrite link for you to book your place at our first CPD event of the year. 

It will be a mixed event with one external presenter, Angeliki Grigoriou of Grigoriou Interiors, who will discuss opening up the wellbeing evaluation issue, identifying wellbeing and productivity and measuring it and linking design features to deliver occupant wellbeing, productivity and value metrics. 

The second half of the session will be more interactive as we open up the Value the Planet debate to learn more about how your organisations are tackling climate crisis and embedding sustainability and social value in all that you do. 


Guildhall, Cambridge


10.00 Arrival and refreshments

10.30 Chair’s introductions/branch business

10.45 Presentation by Angeliki Grigoriou

11.30 Refreshments and networking

12.00 Value the Planet debate

13.00 Chair’s closing remarks

13.15 Buffet lunch and networking

14.00 Close

We should be joined by ACES President, Peter Gregory, so I do hope you can attend and are prepared to join a lively discussion and share best practice with us.

Sara Cameron

Secretary, Eastern Branch


SPACES - submissions for the Yearbook and Civic Building of the Year Awards 2020 (deadline extended to Friday 28th February 2020)

09th Jan 2020

We are now looking for submissions for the SPACES Yearbook and Civic Building of the Year Awards 2020.

You are invited to submit any project which has received an element of public funding. Submissions are invited nationally and can include:

·New building and refurbishment projects across the public sector

·Buildings that add value to the communities they serve

·Buildings from all sectors of public construction

·Projects that demonstrate collaboration

·Projects that demonstrate Engineering excellence/ingenuity

·Surveying projects that renew embedded value

·Examples of construction team excellence

·Articles of interest on public sector buildings

Anyone can make a submission whether you are the client, architect, contractor, engineer, surveyor or project manager who feels there is merit in a particular building or project.

You can make your submission here.

From these a shortlist will be made of those projects that are eligible to enter the Civic Building of the Year Awards.

Please note:

·Schemes must have been completed and be operational between 1st October 2018 and 31st October 2019.

·They must also have received an element of public funding to aid their delivery.

·There is no limit to the number of submissions per client/organisation who are members of SPACES, non members can submit up to three projects. To find out more about SPACES membership please see our website.

·Anyone involved in the scheme can submit an application.

·In addition to completing the form, you must email up to 5 photographs (file name = project name) and any supporting documentation to SPACES Awards.

A shortlist of projects for the yearbook and awards will be produced during March 2020. Subsequent information and access for visits maybe required. If SPACES does not receive a response within 6 weeks we reserve the right to remove the project from the yearbook and/or awards process.

Submission Deadline Friday 14th February 2020