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Current Showing: 2017,

Scottish Branch Agm 27th October 2017 - Tba

Contact Name: Robert Harkness

Contact Details:,

Heart Of England Branch Meeting & Agm - 2nd November 2017 Rutland

Contact Name: Peter Burt

Contact Details:,

North East Branch Meeting - 3rd November 2016 - Hull

Contact Name: Helen Stubbs

Contact Details:, 07909008533

Aces National Agm - 17th November 2017 - Council Chamber, City Hall, Cardiff Commencing At 10.30am

Contact Name: a

Contact Details:,

Welsh Branch (cape) Agm Meeting - 17th November 2017 - Cardiff (to Coincide With National Agm)

Contact Name: Matthew Jones

Contact Details:,

North West Branch Agm - 24th November 2017 - Wigan

Contact Name: David Mee

Contact Details:,

South West Branch Agm - 24 November 2017 At Oake Manor Golf Club, Wellington, Somerset

Contact Name: Tim Child

Contact Details:,

South East Agm And Branch Meeting 28th November 2017 Maidstone

Contact Name: Elizabeth Thornton

Contact Details:,

Eastern Branch Meeting & Agm 1st December 2017 At County Hall, Chelmsford

Contact Name: Duncan Blackie

Contact Details:,

London Branch Agm - 1 December 2017 At The Guildhall, City Of London

Contact Name: Alan Wharton

Contact Details:,