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The Association of Chief Estates Surveyors and Property Managers in the Public Sector represents:

ACES represents around 250 public sector bodies and has approximately 280 participating full members. Retired and Honorary members also play an active role in ACES. Management of ACES is undertaken at the national level, through ACES Council, which is made up of elected and nominated officers.

The principal objectives of ACES are to:

Promote good asset and estates management in the interests of the community and public services
Promote ACES as the first call for property advice and make representations to government, associations and institutions
Meet and represent members' interests and to disseminate information
Improve the public image of the profession


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How to join

Membership of ACES is open to senior professionals. There is no bar on the number of members any organisation may have. While city, district and rural authorities typically have one ACES member, larger organisations such as the metropolitan and London authorities often have 2 or 3 members.

The easiest way to join is through your local branch.  You will become a member of that branch, and the local fee is typically around £30. You will also join the national organisation and the annual membership fee is currently £125 for the main member of an organisation and £80 for additional members. This is excellent value for money giving you access to an established and active network of practitioners working in all sectors of public property.

The ACES membership application form can be downloaded HERE.

Useful contacts

If you wish to discuss any aspect of ACES, contact ACES Secretary:

Trevor Bishop, secretary@aces.org.uk


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