Key Activities of ACES:

Consultation and lobbying – perhaps the most significant role of ACES is to assist government and professional organisations in formulating policy and advice to the public sector. Appointed members of ACES meet regularly and formally with Communities and Local Government to discuss matters of mutual interest. Additional special meetings are arranged if there are specific issues where our professional public sector experience can assist. This is a particular strength of ACES in having a membership which spans the whole spectrum of local government organisations throughout the UK.

ACES works with and offers help, advice and experience to the:

ACES is keen to establish links with other public and private agencies, organisations and companies in order to improve the crucial role property plays in our public lives.

ACES website - Membership of ACES gives inter-active access to the website, which has links to other important property sites and gives details of forthcoming events. There is a Forum where members can post questions and sit back, hoping some of the 400 members may be able to provide just the hands-on advice that they are looking for – or at least mutual support. 

Dissemination of information – elected co-ordinators have responsibility for keeping abreast of current affairs and in disseminating this information to the membership. Roles cover:

Co-ordinators report regularly at ACES Council, conferences and meetings and produce articles for ACES' publications. Information is posted on the website.

ConferencesACES members organise a national conference each year and these are traditionally hosted in the elected President's home region. The successful format adopted is a day of presentations of professional interest, an evening meal with informal networking, followed by a full morning's presentations. Visits to nearby attractions are arranged for retired members. As existing members of ACES will tell you, the strength of the organisation is the strong networking links of "the ACES family".  Attendance at conferences is open to non-members and there is strong representation from our private sector friends and colleagues.

PublicationsACES produces publications of professional interest to the public sector surveyor.

The publications are sent out to all members and sponsors and can also be viewed on the website, together with back copies.

ACES encourages advertisements in all its publications and there are mutual benefits for the private sector organisations and ACES members in making contact through both the publications and through sponsorship at conferences.

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